My surprise and honor to realize Officer Pearce was among the group of Fort Worth’s Finest…

Bill Bowen (Nights on the Wolf) and I were thanking for their service, as they were patrolling the fields of our Miller Lite Born and Brewed 100th Anniversary Texas Independence Day Concert Saturday.

Literally, every hair on my body stood at attention when this jovial, conversational, uniformed police officer gave me a few details about the 2 year anniversary coming up of being shot…by telling me he was shot in the field pursuing a man and his son…

My brain instantly recalled the ambush on Police Officer Matt Pearce 2 years ago, as we followed it and covered in on the show when it happened, along with all of his progress reports, the fundraisers, the 1-year anniversary film put together by the Fort Worth Police Department, ( see film here ) etc., You could have knocked me over with a feather, as my dad always used to say…

Officer Pearce, Corporal Tracey Knight, all of the officers we met that day, and all law enforcement EVERYWHERE…

I thank you for your service!

(Ft. Worth Police Officer Matt Pearce on far left)

~Lisa Taylor


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Early Voting starts today!

Early Voting starts today!

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