Daylight Saving(Not Savings) Returns This Weekend!

OK…raise your hand are you like me and always call it “Daylight Savings” instead of “Daylight Saving” ? Daylight Savings would make more sense but believe it or not it actually is “Daylight Saving Time” and it returns this weekend!  You’ve heard the saying “Spring Forward” an hour before you go to sleep Saturday night.   Plus, it’s a good time to change the batteries on your smoke detectors.

All i know is that we get an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day and that’s a beautiful thing in my book!  As always, thanks for listening! – Mark Phillips

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Early Voting starts today!

Early Voting starts today!

A record 15.8 million Texans are registered to vote this mid-term. Click here for voting info in your area.