Instruments lost to flooding in Plano need to be replaced…

We’re big fans of football AND bands on the Wake Up With the Wolf Show, our #WolfFridayNightLights features both every Friday morning in the 7:00 am we were crushed to hear about the loss of instruments with the Plano Symphony Orchestra that had stored some at Oak Point Park for use during the Plano Balloon Festival that was rained out.  Some of the instruments literally floated downstream, and some children have their first encounter with any musical instrument sometimes with their “Petting Zoo” outings that let kids try all kinds of different instruments.  They could really use our help replacing some of those instruments, so if you have one you can donate, see how to do so in the link and read the full story here.

~Lisa Taylor

Nathan Fast and the Wake Up With the Wolf Show


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Sticky Situations: The Baby Barn

Sticky Situations: The Baby Barn

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