Would You Give Up Your Phone For A Year For $100,000?

Would you give up your smartphone for a year for $100,000?  Vitaminwater is offering a $100,000 reward as the grand prize for the winner who goes without a smartphone or tablet for a year and can prove it.  They will even give you a 1996 er non-smart phone(think “flip phone”) that can be used during the contest.  Vitaminwater will administer a lie-detector test at the end of the contract period.  If you’d like to participate you must enter by January 8, 2019.  Just include the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest in the social media post.  Good luck!

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Sticky Situations: Working Hard Or Hardly Working

Sticky Situations: Working Hard Or Hardly Working

Valerie said she was going out of town on a work trip, but Corbin noticed her car parked at a restaurant. He went inside and saw her sitting with another guy, so he called her and she told him she was at the airport waiting to go through security…what’s really going on here?

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