Would You Give Up Your Phone For A Year For $100,000?

Would you give up your smartphone for a year for $100,000?  Vitaminwater is offering a $100,000 reward as the grand prize for the winner who goes without a smartphone or tablet for a year and can prove it.  They will even give you a 1996 er non-smart phone(think “flip phone”) that can be used during the contest.  Vitaminwater will administer a lie-detector test at the end of the contract period.  If you’d like to participate you must enter by January 8, 2019.  Just include the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest in the social media post.  Good luck!

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Sticky Situations: The BBQ-ser

Sticky Situations: The BBQ-ser

Connor claims he’s gone a lot because of work, but Tia says his paycheck doesn’t reflect all these hours he’s supposedly working. Plus, her step-sister says she saw him out one night with another woman at a BBQ place…when she tried to ask what he was doing that night, he got SUPER defensive. Is he going behind her back?

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