Big New Rule Changes Announced For NASCAR!

NASCAR made some major rule changes which will go into effect immediately to help eliminate cheating and speed up post-race inspections.   The new rules will now disqualify any driver who fail post-race inspections.  The beauty of this new rule is that now the post-race inspections will done at the track within 90 minutes to two hours after the completion of the race.  That means no more unpopular mid-week penalties resulting from post-race inspections at NASCAR R&D in Charlotte.

Get full details on all the changes below:

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Sticky Situations: Home Alone

Sticky Situations: Home Alone

Jake is currently out of work and stay home all day while Bianca is at work. Their neighbor texted her and asked if they got a new vehicle because there’s a strange car parked out front several days a week. She asked him if anyone has been coming over during the day, but he played dumb. Now she’s wondering what’s really going on…

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