Spoiler Alert, Amazon Valentine’s Shoppers!

While doing some browsing on Amazon for some household items I’m diligently trying to get the best price on, I happened upon some items in the browsing HISTORY that I definitely DIDN’T click on…they were pink, they were heart-shaped, and could ultimately be what I’M getting for Valentine’s Day.

Not that I’m not appreciative of a gift for Valentine’s Day, no matter WHAT it was…but having already SEEN what it MIGHT be…is definitely a buzz-kill.

Whatever you do, especially if you have a family Amazon account, don’t CLICK on the item you’re even thing about buying for a Valentine’s gift for your sweetie, because once you do, the imprint stays, even if you check out and stick it in archived orders, and delete the browsing history of it…you’ll be notified of suggestions of items based on your recent purchases below some of your shopping clicks, and bingo, there it will be for all to see again!

As far as I’ve discovered, there’s no way to remove THAT incident of the item, so just browse, DON’T click, unless you want to buy it, then archive it, delete browsing history, and tell your sweetie to NOT hit the Amazon til after V-Day!

And remember, no matter what you give, just try to make sure it LOOKS like (at least) you put some effort behind your gift!  Get some ideas of what she’d really like and/or appreciate for Valentine’s Day here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

~Lisa Taylor

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