Free Home Workouts To Lower Stress And Improve Your Mood!

While we quarantine at home, there are plenty of free workout resources to help relive stress and keep spirits high.

For example:

You Tube is full of workout videos of all types, including a daily 20-minute stream from Planet Fitness.

Free fitness apps like Yoga For Beginners, Daily Workouts, and Nike Training Club – which recently made all subscriber content free.

Zoom has a dance party on their “Social DisDance” channel three times a week on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

And of course, you can still go outside to take a walk, as long as you follow social distancing guidelines.  Consider wearing a mask as well.


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How Is Your Hair Looking These Days??

How Is Your Hair Looking These Days??

Jerry O’Conell joined us this morning with an invite to join he, Rebecca Romijn & their celeb friends for a night of hairstyling tips. Just like most of us, they haven’t ventured out of the house yet and their hair REALLY shows it!!!!! Apparently when he tries to color Rebecca;’s hair, things don’t go so…

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