Did Apple Scam You? Cash in Now!

For all of you Apple iPhone users, you probably noticed that every time the new iPhone would come out, the one that you had went to absolute garbage… Yup, the battery, reception, apps, everything was terrible. The speculation was always that when the new phone came out, they designed the new operating system to run terrible on the old phones to encourage you to upgrade.

Good news… I guess… We were right. Apple just settled a 500 million dollar lawsuit admitting that they did that on purpose. What a bunch of thieves. On the bright side, you can now you can go cash in and get you $25 from the settlement at SmartPhonePerformanceaSettlement.com.


It’s not a lot of money and won’t make up for the years of deliberate phone shenanigans, but in principle, you should all go get yours. If you own the iPhone 6 or 7 before Dec. of 2017, you are eligible.


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Ain’t No Cure For The Summetime HEAT

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