Working Out From Home? Have You Noticed There’s A Dumbbell Shortage?

A lot of people have decided to stay away from the gym and workout from home instead.  As a result, there’s a dumbbell shortage in the U.S. right now….

Dumbbells, like Nintendo Switches and bidets have become very popular during the pandemic and have become difficult to find.  As people spend more time at home they’re buying things they never needed before which has created a supply shortage.

Get a more detailed explanation as to what you can do if you’re looking for a set of dumbbells.


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What is Halloween Going To Look Like This Year??

What is Halloween Going To Look Like This Year??

Halloween is right around the corner and we are already chatting about how to celebrate this year. The CDC has released its guidelines on the safety levels of traditional Halloween celebrations.  The good news is even with all the guidelines there are lots of fun new ways to celebrate this year!!! We would LOVE to…

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