Susan G Komen

Imagine a world without breast cancer.

If we could raise ONE more dollar, take ONE more step, share ONE more story, think of the impact we could make. That’s the power we have when we come together as ONE for the Susan G. Komen Dallas MORE THAN PINK Walk on Saturday, October 23rd at Northpark Center.

It’s the power ONE more action can have, the power every ONE of us has as an individual, the power we have as ONE community. It’s for our mothers, sisters, husbands, friends and co-workers. It’s the difference in getting closer to a world without breast cancer.

So, no matter how you make your impact, whether you’re at home, online, or together with your community, let’s make 2021 count. Because it’s not JUST about physically being together, it’s about every one of us understanding the impact we can have when we commit to going ONE dollar, story, & step further.

The power of ONE starts with you. Join us on October 23rd at 8:00am at Northpark Center for the Susan G. Komen Dallas MORE THAN PINK Walk…and witness the power of ONE! For more information, click here.


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Buy a Texas Mum for Charity

Buy a Texas Mum for Charity

Brian from the morning show made his first ever Texas mum and it is being auctioned off for the North Texas Food Bank. “Huge shout out to all of you parents making mums, I glued my fingers together 9 times. HAHA” – Brian Audition link

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