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Memorial Day Wall of Honor

This Memorial Day we would like to Honor all those who have sacrificed their lives fighting for our country and to help keep our country safe.

The Memorial Day Honor Wall is your chance to send a special thank you to a Military person in your life for all they have sacrificed for us and our country.

Click the button below and submit a special message from you to that brave person.

Please allow two business days for your message to appear on this page.


Ralph V. LaCagnina

Thank you for giving your life at the age of 18 for our freedom and our country while serving in the Vietnam War Your family misses you and never got the opportunity to watch you grow into the father and man we know you would have been. Your daughter was only 5 months old the last time you held her but she has grown into a beautiful woman with a beautiful family of her own.

Patti Taylor

Carl Taylor III

Wishing my son a Happy Veterans day. We are so proud of you. You served our country for 12 years. Went overseas to fight the war 3 times and each time God answered our prayers and brought you back home safe. Love your mom

Cindy Wilson

Gregg “Booter” Wilson

Thank you for your service to our country my #1 Navy Vet!

Lori Butler

Adam Gaudette

This is for my son he is my hero he always cares for everyone else never himself he joined the army right out of high school he served in Operation Iraq freedom and operation enduring freedom right after our country was hit with 9/11 he came back with PTSD and not being able to sleep but he overcame that with lifting weights competing in strong man competitions and trying to be positive about life as a mom I can’t even explain how proud of him I am but how i worry about him every day the things he saw and the things he was up against I cry for him every day but he is stronger now than i can imagine he is a wonderful and amazing son tries to better himself every day I would like to honor my son for everything he has done and to be able to say he is a Army Veteran makes me such a proud mother he is becoming a chiropractor to be able to open a gym and an office to be able to help more people and provide chiropractic services to the veterans he is so devoted to help the veterans and his brothers of the military Thank you for doing this for our veterans they are very special to me and my son is very special to me I love him dearly and i am so proud to call him my son my hero.

Tiffany Marrone

Rick Murray

Thank you dad for your service am very honor I get to call my hero and that your grandchildren have a hero in their life I love you dad and thank you for your service.


Aaron Leday

Thanks for your service!

Joshua Reynolds

Trenton Pettigrew

We love you, come back safe.

Maria Sarduy

Glenn Jonnes

Thanks for your service you are a such of great hard working man and proud of service your country aswell every single one of the military service.

Maria Sarduy

Michele & Maria

Thanks for your service thanks for giving me 2 wonderful grandchildren love you all.

Olivia Rodriguez

Staff Sergeant Rodriguez

To my hero, Staff Sergeant Ernest William Rodriguez I love you very much! -your favorite daughter Olivia Rodriguez (age 10!) P.S. I know that I’m your favorite kid. P.P.S. DON’T TELL MY BROTHER!!!!!(:

Ashley Miranda

Yolanda Miranda

To my favorite veteran, who I also call my wife- thank you for your service! I love you, always!

Lee Ann Covington

Robert Hutchins

Thank you to my amazing Fiancé! He shows me each day how much he loves me and cares about helping everyone in need. He joined the Army to make a difference and he did. This man has been through so much and still wants to help other veterans in need. This man is part of the CVMA(Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association) they are vets helping other vets because these vets want to help others even after they get out of the Military. Robert you are my Hero and thank you! I will spend the rest of our lives trying to repay you for the sacrifices you made for all of us! Thank you, to my loving Veteran!

Tracy Taylor

John Parfait

Command sergeant major parfait just want to thank you for your 26 years of service in the army we appreciate everything you do then and now we love you.

Tracy Taylor


Just want to thank all the veterans if it wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t have what we have thank you so much for everything you’ve done or do.

Kathy Jernigan

Audel Jernigan

Thank you for your dedicated lifelong commitment to the Airforce and for serving our country with pride and selflessness.

Jessica McGee

Richard Newton Hartline

Thank you for being more than an amazing man, a veteran, a hero…. Thank you for being the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES PAPA!! We all love and cherish you more than you will ever know, you matter so much to so many!! God bless your 93 years and counting!

Carolyn Reil

Justin Rhodes

Happy Veterans Day !! Thank you for your service. Love You, Mom.

Debra Legate

Tanner Stone Higgins

Sgt Tanner Higgins,23 of Yantis Texas,1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, was KIA in Afghanistan 12 years ago. Tanner was my great nephew that lived a lot of life in his 23 years and died doing what he loved most defending his country.

Debra Legate

Steven Legate

Son, super proud of your 13 years with the army and your progress and promotion to Master Sergeant. We love you and know you will continue to do great things.

Oscar Rodriguez

Petty Officer Seth Rodriguez

To the best son a dad could ever ask for, Happy Veterans Day, Son! Proud Navy Dad!!

Christie Partee

Sean Partee

I’m so proud of you for serving our country for 30 years in the Army! Thank you for your service!

Amber MonDragon

SGT. MonDragon

Happy Veterans Day my love. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our country and family. We love you so very much.

Katrina Boscarino

David Boscarino

I want to thank my dad for his service in the air force I love you so much dad and thank you for what you did.

Bri Higginbotham

Michael Higginbotham

You are the bravest and strongest person I know. I love you dad.

Leslie Horsman

Robert Horsman

Thank you for your service. I know you do not feel like you served like everyone else did because you were never in combat but like I have told you, as I am sure your American Legion brothers have told you, you served here at home so others could serve where they did.
Love you, Leslie.

Karen Emanuel

Richard Emanuel

Son I want you to know that I’m so very Proud of you! When you told me that you wanted to join the Military when you graduated from high school. I asked you to give me one semester of college and if you still wanted to join, then I would support you! My Dad served, my brother served and your Dad served. But the Momma in me just couldn’t bare it if something happened to you. But you gave me the one semester of college and you still wanted to join.

I still thought there’s still a chance you won’t go. You had to loose 50 lbs. But you got out there and worked hard to lose that 50lbs. And you did it. And you made me understand how much you wanted to serve this Country of Ours. So when you started loosing the weight and did it so fast, I became your cheerleader! You loved this country of ours and the one way for you show how much was to serve. I will never forget the day you came and told me that you had signed up. The smile on your Face was Priceless! You went to Basice at Fort Jackson, SC and then on to AIT at Fort Bragg! You served From 2005-2009 in The United States Army! You went to Afghanistan. I waited to hear news from you. I even told patients about you and I got a phone call while doing a patient’s exam and she didn’t mind me taking the call! I sent you Care Packages and your Aunts sent Care packages! We wanted you to know just how Proud we were of you and that we are still Proud of you! You may have left the Military, but the Military is still a Huge part of you!!! Thank you Richard Ryan Emanuel for showing me what kind of a man you are! A Good Honest Soldier of a man! Thank you for your Service and Thank you to All the Men and Women who Proudly served in our Military!!!! I am the mom of a U.S. Army Veteran, Love and Respect always to our Military Service Members! Sincerely, Karen Emanuel.

Lola King

Melanie King

Duane Jones

Thomas King

Dennis Johnson

Ceaser Rivera

Mathew King

Richard Fagan

Thank you for your service Aunt Melanie!!

I am sincerely grateful for your service and sacrifice. I hope you have a good Veteran’s Day!!

Have a great Veteran’s day Pop-Pop!!!!!!!!! I miss you so dearly!

Have a great Veteran’s Day Uncle DJ!!

Thank you for you service and sacrifice Ceaser!!!!!!!

We miss you Uncle Matt!! Thank yuo for your service!

We miss and thank you Uncle Richard!! Thank you for all that you did for your country!!

Susan Garcia

Gabriel Garcia

Stay safe son. I’m so proud of you and love you sooo much!!

Wendy Plascencia-Castellon

Heidi Castellon

Thank you babygirl for serving, you make me proud. You are serving in the military still, fought through life and now you have a beautiful family. Love you mija and I miss you hope to see you soon.

Mary Hernandez

Marcus Cisneros

Thank you Son for serving and protecting our country. I love you Son, I am proud of you. Love Mom and Dad.

Rebecca Warmack

Billy Joe Warmack

This NAVY Veteran of 20 years was my father. He was also off the coast of Vietnam during the Vietnam war on a destroyer I believe at that time. He lived a long life and passed away 2 years ago from cancer. I salute him along with my sister, who’s also a NAVY Vet. She’s still alive and I’m thankful for that. I salute 🫡 all veterans everywhere for their courage, dedication and bravery no matter what country they represent. Past, present, and future, they all deserve recognition. I’m also proud of my own son who joined the Army National Guard. I wish him well in his future as well.❤️

Malarie Kennedy

Ronnie Lankford

Thank you for your selfless service in Vietnam. The trauma you experienced had molded you into the incredible man you are today. We appreciate all you have done and continue to do to serve others. You’re valued! XOXO

Nikki Corral

Larry Nagye

Thank you for your service. You are a brave, smart, loving man. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Larry served in the US Marine Corps in the Infantry, he did three tours and is a true combat veteran.

Carolina Morgan

Valentine Gomez

David Gomez

Anthony Benavides

Thank you for giving your life for us. Bless you always.

Thank you for your years of service. Bless you always.

Thank you for your service. Bless you always.

Emily H.

Melvin Tackno

I am thankful to you today and everyday for your selfless service to our Nation. You inspire me daily!

Dustin Ponikiewski

David Roberts

John Rangel

Proud to call you my Grandfather, Friend. Hearing stories from the Navy have been great for the last 39 years and I hope to hear more for years to come. Happy Veterans Day.

Happy Veterans Day brother. I know that the Marine Corp has been fun and trying but it has made you the Man that you are. Semper Fi Marine.

Emily Hunt

Mekayla Gomez

Being your mother and watching you grow up so independent and strong was so inspiring! Watching you earn the title of a FEMALE United States Marine was a time in my life as your Mother I will ALWAYS cherish! You are a Veteran now and I living your best Civilian life but will NEVER NOT be a Marine. I am so thankful for your selfless caring heart! Love you much! MoM

Shele Lillis

Matthew Lillis

I have been with my husband since I was 16 years old. Over the last almost 3 decades, I have watched him give his all in everything he does. He honorably served in security forces of the United States Air Force for eight years. He was deployed multiple times and missed major family events, such as the birth of our second daughter. He is absolutely designed to be a provider and protector. After separating from the Air Force, he served in the civilian world for a few years, but felt called back to serving in a first responder capacity, and is now a police officer in the north Dallas area. Even today he serves with his whole heart and mind. I am so impressed with the way. He serves his calling and still loves his family with his whole heart. Matt, my love, the amount of pride I have for you, and your service can never fully be expressed in words. I love you always and forever and thank you for your service.

Amy & Tony McDade

Robert John Steele Jr.

Bill McDade

We love you! You are the best dad and papa!

We love and miss you everyday Papa Mac!

Traci Warren

Marvin Riggall

My father was a Staff Sargent in the Army. He served in the Korean War as well.

Nancy Riley

Stuart Riley

My brother served in the Vietnam war and was a POW(prisoner of war). He survived and came back home but not without changing. He is a wonderful brother and very caring. He’s had to deal with thyroid cancer from agent orange chemicals and thanks to our great Lord he’s still here and has made a huge impact on many people. I love him so much. Thank you for giving him the honor he deserves.

Rebecca Frazier

Roger Frazier

My Dear Sweet Husband a Veitnam Vet Served in the Air Force. Thanks for serving our Country along side many great men and women who will never be forgotten. You are Loved and Missed Dearly Roger That.

Chad Kesterson

Sgt. Russell Kesterson

Thank you dad for everything you do for us.

Steve Dupuis

Gardy J. Dupuis

I’m proud of my Dad’s military service. He served in 3 branches of our military. He spent a couple of years in the Navy, several years in the Army Air Corps as a flight engineer on a B-17 in WWII, and joined the Air Force in 1947 until he eventually retired at Perrin AFB in Sherman, TX in 1970. After all that he spent quite a few years in the civil service working as a Quasas (Quality Assurance Ammunition Surveillance Program) (Ammunitions expert) at McChord AFB in Seattle.

Anita White Vignapiano

Peter Frank

Thank you for your service.

Nancy Thompson

Thomas Massie Boyd IIII

A Marine who served in Vietnam. Died May 13, 1968. Sadly his mom was notified while I was in her classroom. Tommy’s name appears on the Viet Nam MIA wall.

Mullen & Mullen Law Firm

All Veterans

Veterans represent the best of us. They are heroes that exhibit courage, selflessness, and steadfastness in serving our country. Mullen & Mullen is honored to sponsor such a heart warming tribute for the veterans in our local community. Thank you for your service and the untold sacrifices you and your families have made for our freedom. For that you have our unwavering gratitude.



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