15 Signs You Learned to Drive in Texas

15.   Do say  “the fast lane” for left lane instead of the term  “the passing lane”

It’s not that complicated folks, slower traffic stay in the right lane, there are Texans that are in a hurry on the left.


14.    You believe the courtesy wave is not optional.

It’s called the courtesy wave to show the other driver ‘thanks,’  is that so hard? .


13.    You call the access road “the feeder”

Some say service road, others say access road but commonly called ‘feeder’  because it feeds onto freeway


12.    You feel like you are the only one who knows how to drive in the rain.

You have to think for the car in front of you, behind you and on the side because you can tell they don’t have rain driving skills

11.   Your normal commute time 30 minutes, on the rare occasion there is snow = commute time 3 hours


10.   You see the speed limit sign as a gauge to driving 5 to 10 mph more.

Texans interpret  70 mph sign means  75 to 80 mph – don’t use that defense when you get pulled over.



9.   You get a little excited when you see this sign on the horizon:

Yay,  Clean bathrooms, snacks, gifts, candy, hot food and beef jerky coming up.



8.   You get into Hill Country, you keep an eye for “deer x-ing” signs.

Texas Leads Nation in Vehicle/Animal collisions when you drive in rural areas use extra caution for Bambi



7.    You drive friendly at on side roads and then it turns to Texas Motor Speedway at highway speeds.

It’s all fun and games on the back roads but we are on the freeway, only the strong survive.


6.    You are the one that plans ahead when traffic merge, but others will not.

If you are that driver that will ask for courtesy at the last minute to merge – expect the ugly stare.


5.    You know how to pronounce street names that don’t say the way their spelled.

Whether in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio or this sign in Houston names can be  “How do say that?”


4.    You know if you have to choose between Shady OR Close,  Shady Wins in Texas.

Because if you don’t, your car will feel like it’s been baking in the sun.


3.    You’ve developed a sixth sense when driving in Texas because no one uses turn signals.

Your mind reading skills have sharpened, you can sense when someone wants to merge, or exit or pass, then wait this car is slowing down I guess they want to turn here.  “Thanks for NOT using that signal”



2.   You are not caught by surprise by Texas roads that can have two names.

Yes some roads are called a name toward the east and another name in the west,  example Royal and Miller in Dallas



1.   You understand the color of the signal lights,  red means stop and yellow means “Let’s go people”

It’s not a game of chicken or race to see how many cars can get through the yellow light.  Red = Stop, Green = Go!




Source:  WideOpen Country





















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