Don’t Do Dumb Social Media Challenges During the Coronavirus Quarantine

I understand that this coronavirus quarantine has us all staying in doors and looking often to social media for entertainment. I am all for creating interesting and funny content to help both pass my time and help pass the time of others, but please don’t be stupid.

Here is a video that I made on Saturday based on the viral video of the folks in Sicily, Italy singing on their balconies during the country’s quarantine. The goal of the video was to highlight something positive and also make people laugh a little in a way that still promoted say interactions with each other while we work to combat the virus.

How about we all agree right now to stop doing useless TikTok and video challenges that put both ourselves and the people around us in danger. The reason for the quarantine is to prevent the spread of the virus and flatten the curve so that our vulnerable populations don’t lose their lives. I have seen a number of dumb social media challenges which are tempting fate as a joke…

The video that I saw of a girl licking a plane toilet seat put me over the edge. Don’t like or share those videos. They aren’t clever and they aren’t cute. They are reckless and dangerous.


Let’s all take care of each other. For information and resources for coronavirus, please check out 99.5 The Wolf’s Blog Post


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Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

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