Finding Out Teaching is Tough the Hard Way

Today on the Wake Up with the Wolf Show, we talked to a number of parents who now are forced to homeschool their kids due to the quarantine from the coronavirus and schools being closed and I think a majority of them are learning a lot of things about their kids… And truly how valuable teachers are.

Trying to find a balance between keeping your kids on an educational routine and also entertaining them is a balance that is really difficult… I taught kindergarteners for a few years and it was a battle for me every single day, and in theory, I was a professional. Here is the clip that I taped for Drybar Comedy about my experience.



The following text is from my friend about accidentally letting his 6yo watch Maury Povich.

Now every time he tries to say something to his 6yo… His 6yo looks him in the eyes and says “You are… Not the father.”

Here are some great tweets from other parents.


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Weekend Time!!!!!!!!!

Weekend Time!!!!!!!!!

‘ Bring on the Friday!!! We’ve got a cold front moving in BUT it is Find A Rainbow Day, so let’s discover all the fun reasons to celebrate this weekend!!! Texas Outdoor Family Parks and Wildlife is hosting several virtual programs for the family this weekend. Tonight, Tales of The Night Sky and Saturday night…

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