What are Your Tried & True Home Remedies?

As we roll into summer break, we are putting together the Wake Up With The Wolf Show Home Remedy First Aid Kit. Those tried and true tips that your family has been using forever to cure everyday ailments. Clearly, we aren’t doctors so make sure you check with the pro’s for any heathcare issues.

Lily called in and shared that a dropper of potato water will help with red eyes due to allergies.

Tim said his Mama kept a penny on a chain around and anytime he and his brother got a blooy nose, she would have them put it on their neck to make it stop.

Tiffany accidently put her hand in a fryer when she was helping her Daddy make funnel cakes. He put yellow mustard on the burn and it stopped the pain.

Jay said his Dad used to put egg whites on burns and it would instantly make the pain go away.

Klye is a mechanic and he keeps Afrin in his tool kit. Anytime he gets a cut on his hand he puts a little Afrin on the cut and it stops the bleeding and discomfort.

Amy Locturo say that Aquaphor on your cuticles when you paint you nails makes its easier to wipe off mistakes.

Kristin swears that using Preperation H as an eyecream will help with puffy eyes.

What are your home remedies and life hacks that make life easier for you???



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