Its A Good Time For A Mental Health Check In

Its been several months since we have all been able to live our normal… visiting friends when we want too,  shopping where we want to shop and popping into your favorite restaurant for dinner. How are you doing with all the changes? Right now is a good time to do a little mental health check and there are several great resources to help us.


This is a great list of self care tips for guide us through taking care of ourselves! 

Schedule regular virtual calls and make it fun with themes!!!! 

There are TONS of suggestions here for you and your famiily!!


I’ve had moments when I’ve thought to myself, we should be used to this new “normal” by now and that I should already be past any emotions that pop up. Its important for us to realize that this is a very unpredicatble time and that all of the feelings that pop up are normal and part of this process. I’ve decided that calling a friend and shraing those feelings is the best way for me manage the uneasy feelings. My hope for you is that you too feel comfortable having those conversations with your peeps too,




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Bring on The Foodie Fireworks!!!

Bring on The Foodie Fireworks!!!

  As the weekend of celebrating our Independence approaches, its time to hop into the kitchen and make the foodie magic happen!!!! Step your potato salad game up a notch with Jalapeno Popper Potato Salad Where has this recipe been all my life???? Bacon Wrapped Corn  Has anyone ever made Pickle Corn Dogs??? Mini food are…

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