Our “Wednesday Night Checkin’ In Session” (Just a few hours earlier than usual…) 😉

TRYING to maintain the level of broadcast excellence usually exhibited weekdays between 10am and 3pm by Smokey Rivers😉🙂 #YourReachShouldExceedYourGrasp  I’ll be back to the usual 11p start time next Wednesday night, June 3rd (June, ALREADY??)


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Celebrating America’s Independence in DFW

Celebrating America’s Independence in DFW

Happy Independence week y’all. Let’s have some fun!! FRIDAY Prosper’s Pride in the Sky 2020 (watch from you car or at home) celebration will be held Friday night at 9:30 The CIty of Allen’s Spirit in The Sky Fireworks Display will kick off at 9:30 on Friday. This is a watch from home or car only…

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