How Are You Doing Texas?

All the news swirling around about the pandemic and all the changes we’ve been facing can really weigh heavily on our mental health. We just wanted to check in with you and see how you are feeling?

There are lots of resources available to help us all and we really hope that you will reach out and get any assistance you feel will help you.

THIS is what anxiety feels like and how to coach yourself through it 

Everyone processes stress differently the CDC has some great tips to help you process it all.

Being a Mom and helping your kiddos understand why they can’t do what their friends are doing can make you feel isolated and lonely, This is a great article to help walk you through it. 



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Bring on The Foodie Fireworks!!!

Bring on The Foodie Fireworks!!!

  As the weekend of celebrating our Independence approaches, its time to hop into the kitchen and make the foodie magic happen!!!! Step your potato salad game up a notch with Jalapeno Popper Potato Salad Where has this recipe been all my life???? Bacon Wrapped Corn  Has anyone ever made Pickle Corn Dogs??? Mini food are…

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