Getting Lost in Texas Vol. 1

Sometimes, you just need to take a day and go get lost out in the country side, relax, lose your cell phone signal and find yourself.

2020 is a lot for everyone. It is a stressful year and the news just seems like an avalanche of bad news every time you turn it on. I was feeling it last week and decided that I needed to just go get lost somewhere with my dog for the day. We just got in my car and started driving North-East. As we drove, I looked at the map on my GPS and my golden doodle told me… With a very pouty look that he wanted to go swimming. A lake it is then Leo my man.

We ended up deciding on making a trip to Cooper Lake State Park just outside of the towns of Commerce and Cooper. We drove into the park, bought a day pass, drove around a little bit looking for a good place to stop and swim. We settled on a little walking trail that headed into the woods towards the lake. It was a great little walk in a shaded woodsy area. When we emerged, about a quarter mile later, we found a little cove and we were the only ones there.

Leo got to frolic wildly and swim in the shallow warm waters. I just sat down in the water, butt firmly planted in the mud and water up to my elbows… Then you wanna know what I did? Absolutely nothing. I just sat there for an hour, no phone, no nothing, watching boats of families drive by and Leo have the time of his life. Sometimes when things feel heavy, you just need a minute to remind yourself just how awesome the world is that we live in. I will be taking more of these trips… Where to next? I have no idea because the most important part of getting lost in Texas, is the getting lost part.




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Willie Remakes On The Road Again

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