Don’t Be a Snooze Button Terrorist

We all know these people… The people who relentlessly hit the snooze button in the morning over and over again. That’s all good if you sleep alone, but what about those poor people who live with you? What about their sleep? They hate you. They really hate you every morning. In fact, if you could get them to be honest in the morning while your alarm is going off a 1000 times, they would probably admit to planning some really awful things to get their revenge.


First of all, it is a fact that the snooze button is a trick. Though it feels like a count down to having to get up in the morning, you aren’t getting good sleep with the snooze button. If you do manage to fall asleep, you will wake up feeling a million times worse than had you just dragged yourself out of bed. Do yourself and everyone in your life a favor and quit the snooze button… You can do it.




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Bring On The Halloween Fun

Bring On The Halloween Fun

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