Binge Watching Shows Can Be Dangerous

We all binge watch shows, but are you aware of how dangerous that can be to your life? Think about it… When you binge watch, you immerse yourself in a world and start to feel like you are still there when the show ends. That can be dangerous watching a spy show full of assassins and danger around every corner and then walking around the real world. For example, I was watching jack Ryan on Amazon and then when the elevator button in my building opened, I almost tried to karate fight the repair guy who was standing on the roof and wearing a black mask (for covid). My mind went to assassin and that could have been dangerous.




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We LOVE Heading to Those Out of The Way Spots For Lunch!!

  We are all for a hopping in the car and heading to those secret little out of the way spots to get a REALLY good meal!!! Brian is obsessed with the Taco’s at El Tacaso that he discovered when he pulled over for gas on the way to Love Field. Tara fell love with Greek…

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