Sometimes You Gotta Get Lost on an Adventure to Find a Little You

Sometimes you just gotta go a get lost to make yourself relax and find a little quiet time… And yourself. Sounds weird to say, but this year is stressful and sometimes just having a weekend with no expectations except doing something different is good for your mind. I took the dogs to a lake in Oklahoma and did something I’m not good at… Nothing. Just had fun in the moment, made a fire and sat there with my thoughts and appreciation for life, even when this year feels like a landslide of stress. If you’re ever debating on that get out of town trip… Stop… Just do it. You’ll make the plan and the memories as your go.


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Wake Up With The Wolf Thursday

Wake Up With The Wolf Thursday

Welcome to the tailgate to Friday, baby!! One more day until the weekend and we are all so ready!!!! We always LOVE to hear how y’all are spending your socially distanced weekend. Pop by Tara’s Facebook & Brian’s Twitter  and say hi! If you missed the show today get all caught up here…. Congrats to…

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