Explaining Old Technology to Kids… And Failing

If you have tried to explain old technology to kids lately, you already know… They will sometimes look at you like you are a crazy person. Recently, I was trying to explain the old Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure movie to my 13yo Godson. Out of all of the ridiculous part of it, the part that he got hung up on and looked at me like I was crazy about was when we came to the concept of what a phone booth is… He had never heard of one and thought the idea sounded ridiculous. “Go to a port o potty type thing for a phone? Why? Just use your cell phone…” Wait until I try to explain the concept of the kitchen phone with the 80ft cord or a pager.




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Wake Up With The Wolf Show Wednesday

Wake Up With The Wolf Show Wednesday

Happy Happy National Cheese Lover’s Day!!! We heard some big gasps this morning after sharing this national survey that indicated that parmesan cheese is the favorite cheese of Texans. Huh??? Bring on the queso baby cause Texas has tons of cheesy yum!!! We would love to know our favorite spot for queso in DFW? Girl…

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