The Legend of the Rodeo Barrel Men

Until last week, I was unaware of the event of freestyle bullfighting… It is basically the X-Games meets rodeo where the best of the best in the world of protection athletes in the rodeo events go head to head with bulls in an arena. When I said head to head, what I really should have said is jumping and flipping over bulls that are the best at trying to hurt and maim them. The barrel men are there to literally pop out of barrels and get a bull to blast them in order to save a road clown who is down in the arena and keep them from getting hurt. If you have not seen them, you need to go down the worm hole of freestyle bullfighting.

I had the chance to sit down at Texas Live! with Trent McFarland and Shawn Stutzman and talk about the NFR bullfighting events this week in DFW and hear some wild stories about just how devastating these bulls are. Here is the interview:


Here is a documentary by Vice on freestyle bullfighting


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