Only One Texan on The Upcoming Season of The Bachelor

If you are tuning in for Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette, you know that Ivan from Plano has made it very far into the season. Ivan is the total package, attractive, intelligent and open with his feelings. SWOON!!

The show typically has lots of Texans and folks from DFW on their show but next season only one Texan will vie for Matt’s heart on The Bachelor Meet Jessenia from San Antonio!!!






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Dating During the Pandemic???

Dating During the Pandemic???

Dating can be fun and challenging especially during the pandemic so we wanted to get you caught on up some pandemic specific dating terms that have arisen this year! If you don’t follow the pandemic guidelines it could cost you a 2nd date i,e. “Fauci-ing”! Have you been “Coronazoned” or are you “Covid Worthy?”  We…

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