Wake Up With The Wolf Show Monday

Welcome to your Monday and Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!! There are several virtual celebrations going on across DFW and several opportunities to volunteer and serve others today! Click here for fun learning crafts you can create with your kiddos. 

If you are in the Plano area today around noon, Lovepacs Plano is looking for some strong volunteers to help unload 4 heavy in boxes metal shelves. Please let me know if you can help. 30 minutes tops!  Most appreciated! 3900 W 15th in Plano

If you missed The Wake Up With The Wolf Show get caught up here…

Join us each morning this week at 8:30 for your chance to win an invitation to our exclusive virtual Happy Hour Howl performance
with Jon Pardi!
 You’ll get to chat with Jon Pardi from the comfort of your own living room and enjoy a live performance, too!!!

The IRS has delayed the kick off of Tax Season to February 12th.  If you want to get a head start their Free File Program is up and running!

I’ll take a side of chili peppers with my everything please! If you like it spicy, a new study from The American Heart Association indicates that eating chili peppers may help you live longer!!! What is your favorite spicy recipe??

Check your freezer alert!!! Nestlé Prepared Foods is recalling about 762,615 pepperoni Hot Pocket products because they may contain “pieces of glass and hard plastic”

The 3rd Monday of a new year is named Blue Monday and is considered the most depressive day of the year. What???? We SO totally don’t want anyone to feel blue today so we found some of our favorite giggles moments to share with y’all to put a smile on your face! Keep your eyes open for the GREATNESS of Alex Trebeck!!!!




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Miranda’s Getting Her Own Restaurant

Miranda’s Getting Her Own Restaurant

  it looks like we all might need to hop on a Southwest flight to Nashville soon because Miranda has a new business venture in the works!!! Its a restaurant and bar called Miranda Lambert‘s Casa Rosa!! In We know Miranda is a fan of Peanut Butter Pie and Mac & Cheese so the menu…

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