Wake Up With The Wolf Show Thursday

Welcome to the tailgate to Friday!!! We are HUGE fans of the weekend and love hearing how you and yours will be spending your time. Reach out to Tara on Facebook and Brian on Twitter and say hey!!!

If you missed the Wake Up With The Wolf Show get caught up here and find out how far some parents went to intentionally sabotaged their daughters relationship because they did not like her boyfriend.


The Fort Worth Zoo has THE perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for everyone that you love! From cuddle boxes to love bites kits these creative gifts will make your Valentine feel special twice ’cause you are sharing the love with the animals too!!!

Speaking of Valentines Day, we are loving these ideas for fun car dates!!!

Getting up early in the morning we are big fans of breakfast!!!! We stumbled across some research that rates the foods that we eat that can make us feel happy or sad…we are happy about dark chocolates rating and sad at where alcohol landed.


Are you still working from home??? If you aren’t getting up and getting dressed each morning you might want to reconsider!





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Miranda’s Getting Her Own Restaurant

Miranda’s Getting Her Own Restaurant

  it looks like we all might need to hop on a Southwest flight to Nashville soon because Miranda has a new business venture in the works!!! Its a restaurant and bar called Miranda Lambert‘s Casa Rosa!! In We know Miranda is a fan of Peanut Butter Pie and Mac & Cheese so the menu…

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