Wake Up With The Wolf Tuesday 1/26

Happy Tuesday, y’all!!!!! Get out and enjoy his warm and sunshiny day ’cause a little cold front it moving in tomorrow.

If you missed the Wake Up With The Wolf Show this morning get caught up here:


Airbnb has a VERY unique overnight stay opportunity right here in Dallas. You can spend the night in a never been open 7-11 store playing video games and eating tons of snacks. Yes, Slurpee’s are so totally included!!!

The fabulous folks at the Grand Prarie Library have come up with a really cool way to help folks in the community make the most of the food in the pantry! Each week, they are hosting Meal Prep classes to help everyone make the most of their food budget!!!!! Way to go y’all! We are super impressed!!!!


Congrats to Gabby Barrett and her hubby Cade Foehner on their new baby girl!!!

There is so much going on in our world right now which can totally mess with us having a good nights sleep. The folks at Bustle put together a list of the best way to catch some zzzzzzzz’s from Tik Tok!




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Ain’t No Cure For The Summetime HEAT

  Welcome to what will be THE hottest week of 2021! We will be in the high 90’s but it going to feel more like 105! Y’all stay hydrated and take precautions to keep yourself and your pets safe! Make note of this CDC graph of symptoms to watch for heat related illnesses…   Another…

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