The First Batch of Cards for Seniors has Arrived

It is our goal on the Wake Up with the Wolf Show to gather Valentine’s Day cards for as many seniors in assisted living and care facilities as we can this year. This has been a difficult year for all of us and has caused a lot of the elderly and vulnerable in our communities to feel isolated and lonely. If you are a teacher, parent or student and want to help out, please email and we will work out the details.

Yesterday, we goat our first batch of cards. I couldn’t think of a better person to make them and drop them off. Her name is Happy Waterman and she is nothing but exactly what her name says… Happy. She is a 25yo with Down Syndrome who loves to do anything that she can to help others. She made 27 cards herself for our campaign and that is 27 people who will feel a lot of needed love for Valentine’s Day. Happy embodied exactly what I had in my heart when this idea came to mind and that was gathering the love from the communities we all live in and helping spread it around. Thank you all who have reached out to help. I am speechless at the love and support our wonderful morning show family has.


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