Humbled by the Love so Far

I would like to take a minute and late y’all know just how blessed I feel right now. We through out the idea of sharing the love to seniors for Valentine’s Day and y’all have come with love. I see every email and every story and they are exactly why we had this idea. 2020 was tough and our seniors in assisted living have been very isolated. It floods my heart with joy every time I open my morning show inbox and see all the emails from teachers, parents, students and people just wanting to help out. Thank you so much. When you are the new radio show in town, it can be hard to get a campaign off the ground and if it wasn’t for our amazing morning show family, being able to spread this community kindness and love would not be possible. Thank you so much!!! keep the emails coming!!! We are at 1000 Valentine’s Day cards.


– Brian


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Did You Know Peanuts Played a BIG Roll in Mars Landing?

Did You Know Peanuts Played a BIG Roll in Mars Landing?

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