Wake Up With The Wolf Show Friday!!!! 1/29

Yay!!  Yay!!! The weekend is here after what felt like a month! (insert deep breathe here) What are you guys up too this weekend? If you have some free time we would LOVE for you to sit down with you kiddos and create some Valentine’s for the seniors across DFW that are really feeling lonely this lovey dovey season!


The Puppy Bowl is coming up next weekend and we are super excited to learn that Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart will be hosting the game. After seeing Snoop in Carpool Karoke with Matthew McConaughey, we know that this season will be the best ever!!

Soooooooooo, 2020 was a humdinger of a year and a new survey says that lots of people would pay BIG money to erase it and everything that happened from existence. We want to know if any blessings came from 2020 that you are actually grateful happened?


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Invite Kelly Clarkson To Your Home

Invite Kelly Clarkson To Your Home

Last year Kelly Clarkson launched a partnership with Wayfair and we were all giddy! Yesterday, she launched her 2nd Wayfair collection and we are swooning!!!! How about a stunning emerald green office chair, super cute light fixtures and throw pillows!!!!

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