Hurting Your Back and Your Ego at a Kid’s Party

We have all been there… You walk into a kid’s party and you want to be the fun adult. It happened to me this past weekend. I went to a 6th bday party at a trampoline fun world. As soon as I walked in, I completely forgot that I was an adult and not a teenager anymore. It started off relatively mellow, I was just jumping around having a good time and then it happened… An 8yo asked me if I could do a backflip. When I said yes, he said “Yeah right… You are like my dad.” That my friends is called a challenge and I have never been one to back down from a challenge. What happened next was me and this kid locked into a back flip duel and I both won and lost. I was able to do some pretty solid backflips, but the cost was my actual back. Please refer to the video below and pay special attention to my smooth landing I had from my backflip. That is also known as an injury.



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Did You Know Peanuts Played a BIG Roll in Mars Landing?

Did You Know Peanuts Played a BIG Roll in Mars Landing?

  NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover has been sharing lots of exciting discoveries, from the first sounds to the first color photos. We cannot get enough! We learned today that peanuts played a very important roll in this mission!! Did you miss the Mars landing? Get the videos, pictures, and updates – plus see all the…

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