Brian was on HLN Talking about the DFW Blackout

Today I had the opportunity to go on the Morning Express with Robin Meade on HLN to talk about the blackouts that we in DFW are all living through during this crippling winter storm. I was without power for around 60hrs and had thee same questions as everyone else… How did this happen and what is the plan for the rolling blackouts? It really seemed that some neighborhoods bore the brunt of the blackouts and some were untouched, which was insanely dangerous. I was fortunate that I am in an apartment building and relatively safe and warm. My heart goes out to the folks with families and those vulnerable who were in danger and still maybe are. There will be some very big answers that ERCOT and Oncur need to provide us for how this epic failure of the power grid happened.



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Have a Holly Dolly Christmas

Have a Holly Dolly Christmas

December is here and Dolly is celebrating in a BIG way tonight!! There are tons of ways to celebrate Dolly this Christmas: Dolly Advent Calendar Show your Dolly love with a Dolly Christmas Sweater Bake up some Dolly Cake Mixes (we’ve seen them at Kroger) We are LOVING this What Would Dolly Do tea towel!!