Our Wednesday Night “Checkin’ In” Facebook Live Hangout 21-11

“Checkin’ In Hangout” 21-11.  And the 39th from “Studio 1-A, the room formerly known as our spare bedroom (Day 377).  Thanks for ANOTHER GREAT TIME hanging out with you tonight!  It was good to finally be back after missing time because of my surgery.  Thanks for coming back. It’s good to get together like this, and I LOVE the live interaction we get to have during these sessions.  Tell some friends and join us every Wednesday night.  We usually get started around 11.  Come hang outask questions, get a shout out, or whatever!  It’s all about having some fun with YOU! – Bill Bowen  #BePositiveTestNegative  #WashYourHands  #WearAMask  #OneDayAtATime  #GetVaccinated


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Waking Up With The Wolf Monday, May 17 2021

Waking Up With The Wolf Monday, May 17 2021

Good Monday morning, y’all! It looks like those rainboots will get put to some good use this week. Y’all be careful cruising around town there is LOTS of water on the roadways. What is YOUR favorite rain song?? If you woke up in a panic thinking your taxes are due today, relax! Texas got an…

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