The Stars At Night Were Big & Fast & Bright Last Night

If you happened to notice a chain of quickly moving stars in the skies over DFW last night you aren’t the only one! Turns out Space X sent out a bunch of satellites AND you might be able to see them again tonight at 9 before they spread out. Tara from the Wake Up With The Wolf Show will be camped out in her back yard with her telescope ready to take in all 4 minutes of the site!!!


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Waking Up With The Wolf Monday, May 17 2021

Waking Up With The Wolf Monday, May 17 2021

Good Monday morning, y’all! It looks like those rainboots will get put to some good use this week. Y’all be careful cruising around town there is LOTS of water on the roadways. What is YOUR favorite rain song?? If you woke up in a panic thinking your taxes are due today, relax! Texas got an…

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