Meeting Robin Williams

Brian from the morning show met Robin Williams in 2011 and he really had an impact on him. He was doing an improvised stand up comedy show in Los Angeles and while he was onstage, he had no idea that Robin Williams was in the audience to watch his friend Margaret Cho. When Brian got off stage, Robin told him that he had a “Positive infectious energy” and to “keep making people laugh.” Robin doesn’t know this, but at the time, Brian was going through a rough time in life, his dad was in prison and he was struggling to survive in Los Angeles and was second guessing even staying in comedy and radio. His words were impactful and inspired him. Brian said that after Robin said that to him backstage and shook his hand, he was so shocked that all he could muster was a stuttering “thank you.” You never know who you will inspire or impact today by saying something nice or being positive.


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Who Wants To Work With Big Tex???

Who Wants To Work With Big Tex???

The great State Fair of Texas is 51 days away and they need Texans to come on over and join the party!!! Big Tex is hiring folks to work the parking lots, front gates, ticket booths and more. Y’all hurry on over and get ya a job!!

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