How to Not Get Hacked on Social Media

*Here is my hacker story… First though, please activate your 2 factor security on all social and email.

Getting hacked on social media can be one of the most frustrating things ever for a number of reasons. First of all, it can make you feel violated and if you lose your accounts permanently, you can lose a lot of memories. It can also leave your networks of people vulnerable to scams and possibly having some momentary repercussions if people have their information stolen. This happened to me on July, 3rd when I replied to a DM from the verified Dr. Seuss account claiming that I had violated a copyright for content.

This was not a DM from Dr. Seuss, it was a scam because they had been hacked. If you look closely, the link for the copyright claim is “copyrightteamservice” and that is not the site that they would use. After I clicked that link, it gave a group in Turkey the access to my instagram which they took and changed the passwords and login for it. The emails from Instagram came in Turkish so they were picked off by my spam filter. After that, they posted a number of IG tiles and deleted my personal information from the page, presumably to sell it. After 5 weeks, I finally was able to get access back to my account.

When I got my account back, I was able to find the names of the IG accounts that logged into my account and changed the info. They were all accounts in Turkey and I sent them direct messages. They told me that they didn’t steal it, that they bought it from a Turkish hacker group called “Aslan Neferler Tim.” I did some research on them and they are a hacker company that specializes in stealing and selling social media accounts to people for use in advertising.

I decided to engage Aslan Neferler Tim on social media and they immediately started to threaten me. I reported them to all social media platforms and will continue to do that until they are shut down. You would think that social media companies would be better at deplatforming hacker accounts. The way to combat all of this is to instal the 2-factor authenticator and link all of your accounts to it so when any new device tries to log in, you will have to approve it from a security app.


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