Wolf Bikes 4 Kids

Ray called into the Wake Up with the Wolf Show and told them about how years ago he had an employee that worked for him at his junkyard and landfill who would get all of the bikes that were brought in and he would fix them to give them to kids in need. We decided that we want to reboot that program on a bigger scale and find volunteers who want to help us! Nothing makes a child or adult in need than a bike to give them both recreation and a sense of freedom.

We need volunteers of all types who know how to work on bikes, can help us distribute the bikes and who can help us track down and connect with facilities that get bikes turned into them like junkyards and landfills.

Please email WolfBikes4Kids@Gmail.com to help out and let’s recycle these bikes into love for those in need.


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Invite Kelly Clarkson To Your Home

Invite Kelly Clarkson To Your Home

Last year Kelly Clarkson launched a partnership with Wayfair and we were all giddy! Yesterday, she launched her 2nd Wayfair collection and we are swooning!!!! How about a stunning emerald green office chair, super cute light fixtures and throw pillows!!!!

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