Kenny Chesney Might Need Your Guest Bedroom!

Kenny Chesney has sold his ginormous home! Its looks like a mega-grand hotel and the kitchen….what I wouldn’t give to cook one meal in that giant kitchen (its SO cool he wouldn’t even have to be there and I’d still be excited to cook there….but I would SO totally cook for KC, too) I don’t know if he’s in the market for a new spot but he should be able to afford a nice little place. He sold his home for $11.5 Million!

XO, Tara


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Invite Kelly Clarkson To Your Home

Invite Kelly Clarkson To Your Home

Last year Kelly Clarkson launched a partnership with Wayfair and we were all giddy! Yesterday, she launched her 2nd Wayfair collection and we are swooning!!!! How about a stunning emerald green office chair, super cute light fixtures and throw pillows!!!!

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