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A Little Magic Backstage at Billy Bob’s

Wednesday, March 2nd, both 99.5 the Wolf and New Country 96.3 came together to celebrate Texas Independence Jam at Billy Bob’s Texas. Musically speaking, it was probably the greatest way to celebrate ever because there were 10 artists, Jon Pardi, Cody Johnson, Scotty McCreery, Carly Pearce, Drew Parker, Maren Morris, Ryan Hurd, Clay Walker, Parker McCollum and Priscilla Block, all playing acoustic. A monster of a lineup.

The energy from the crowd and the artists was electric excitement, the kind that only a venue like the world’s biggest honky tonk Billy Bob’s can produce. The concert was a monster success, everyone had fun and made memories that will last a lifetime seeing these country stars in this intimate of an environment.

As magical as all of that was, the biggest instance of seeing concert magic happened backstage and it was courtesy of 13yo Brynn Moore. Brynn has been battling Ewing Sarcoma, which is an aggressive cancer that starts in the bones and soft tissues around the bones, for 3 years. She is an absolute warrior, being in and out of Cook Children’s and always being a positive beacon of energy when she is dealing with very difficult health battles. Nobody who meets her isn’t moved by her smile and energy.

Brynn is committed to both battling Ewing Sarcoma and also spreading positivity by living every day to the absolute fullest and doing new things on her “crazy list.” You can follow her adventures here at BattleBrynn.com.

When we heard about that, we thought a great adventure for this country music loving girl would be to help produce and direct all of the backstage interviews of the artists. She jumped on it and of course nailed the technical parts with the enthusiasm that you would expect from her. The real magic happened with the energy backstage and how she brought everyone up.

Every artist when she talked to them lit up in a way that people often times don’t when asked to do a meet and greet or quick interview. Nobody had to brief them on who Brynn was, she just exudes the energy of a person you want to love and feel happy to meet. The moments all captured on film are moving, at one point she got Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd to FaceTime with her best friend.

After the interviews, Brynn was able to help Brian, Tara and Scotty McCreery giveaway a truck to a listener from Galleria Chevrolet. Her helping out onstage, drove home the heart of the concert. To come together and celebrate with each other and raising money for Cook Children’s.

While looking back through the footage to put together the documentary below, one thing stuck me… It was transformed from interviews to an experience for all of us. We all have this tendency to get used to things and forget sometimes that the experiences that we are having are once in a lifetime. Seeing how genuine and excited Brynn was to be backstage reminded us all to be in the moment and to genuinely appreciate life. It was special.

At one point, Cody Johnson and Brynn had a conversation about living in the moment and not wasting time, the one thing that we can’t get back. She told him that is her goal every single day. Watching that footage makes it impossible to not have a better more in the moment day.

The recap video is below and as much fun as Brynn had helping us out, every person who came in contact with her will remember her happy influence for a long time.


Need to be inspired? Brynn Moore who’s battling Ewing Sarcoma came and helped me backstage at a concert and was a star @marenmorris @priscillablock

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