Neiman’s Big Fancy Christmas Catalog is Out!

Its that time of year when the big fancy Neiman’s Christmas offerings are made available! From a  Barbie Themed Maserati to basketball with Scottie Pippen there are tons of fancy gifts! We found some fun affordable gifts, too…

Look at these Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs only $6 a piece!!

Its a splurge but super cute…we are loving this Santa Beard Lollipop!

$9 for pasta is a little bit steep BUT Christmas tree and present shaped pasta dishes might be fun!!!


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Have a Holly Dolly Christmas

Have a Holly Dolly Christmas

December is here and Dolly is celebrating in a BIG way tonight!! There are tons of ways to celebrate Dolly this Christmas: Dolly Advent Calendar Show your Dolly love with a Dolly Christmas Sweater Bake up some Dolly Cake Mixes (we’ve seen them at Kroger) We are LOVING this What Would Dolly Do tea towel!!