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Huge loss for Mansfield

Two years ago this month, loyal, generous, and loving Wolf listeners purchased specially-made T-shirts to benefit the family and expenses of Coach Maberry, Mansfield High School’s football coach for 2 decades, as he battled cancer.

This morning, we mourn the loss of this coach, father, husband and leader, as Coach Maberry lost his battle with stage-4 lymphoma Monday.

Click here for more on this story. We’ll miss you Coach Maberry, but your spirit will live on in all the lives you’ve touched in our community!

~Lisa Taylor

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Spoiler Alert, Amazon Valentine’s Shoppers!

While doing some browsing on Amazon for some household items I’m diligently trying to get the best price on, I happened upon some items in the browsing HISTORY that I definitely DIDN’T click on…they were pink, they were heart-shaped, and could ultimately be what I’M getting for Valentine’s Day.

Not that I’m not appreciative of a gift for Valentine’s Day, no matter WHAT it was…but having already SEEN what it MIGHT be…is definitely a buzz-kill.

Whatever you do, especially if you have a family Amazon account, don’t CLICK on the item you’re even thing about buying for a Valentine’s gift for your sweetie, because once you do, the imprint stays, even if you check out and stick it in archived orders, and delete the browsing history of it…you’ll be notified of suggestions of items based on your recent purchases below some of your shopping clicks, and bingo, there it will be for all to see again!

As far as I’ve discovered, there’s no way to remove THAT incident of the item, so just browse, DON’T click, unless you want to buy it, then archive it, delete browsing history, and tell your sweetie to NOT hit the Amazon til after V-Day!

And remember, no matter what you give, just try to make sure it LOOKS like (at least) you put some effort behind your gift!  Get some ideas of what she’d really like and/or appreciate for Valentine’s Day here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

~Lisa Taylor

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School Closings and Delays for Wednesday

School Closings & Delays due to Wintry Weather Forecast

With wintry weather expected to bring between 2-to-5 inches of snow and sleet to the west and northwest of Fort Worth, a number of school districts in Hood, Palo Pinto, Parker, and Wise counties have closed of delay classes today.

Forecasters say the heaviest precipitation is expected between 2 AM and 10 AM.



Aledo Independent School District – CLOSED




Building Blocks CDC – Expedition – CLOSED

Compass Children’s Academy – CLOSED

Decatur ISD – CLOSED

Drive Smart Driving School – CLOSED


Glen Rose ISD – CLOSED

Gordon Independent School District – CLOSED

Graford Independent School District
Closed on Wednesday and will delayed Thursday until 10 a.m. Buses will run two hours later than normal.

Granbury ISD – CLOSED

Millsap ISD – CLOSED

Mineral Wells ISD – CLOSED

Poolville ISD – CLOSED

Palo Pinto ISD – CLOSED


Springtown ISD – CLOSED

Weatherford Christian School CLOSED

Weatherford ISD CLOSED

White Settlement ISD – CLOSED



High Point Academy – OPENING AT 10:00 AM

Lindsay ISD – OPENING AT 10:17 AM

Bluff Dale ISD – OPENING AT 10:00 AM

Granbury ISD
Schools will open two hours late. Elementary schools will begin at 9:30 a.m., middle schools will begin at 10:36 a.m., STARS Accelerated High School will begin at 10:40 a.m. and Granbury High School will begin at 10:55 a.m.
Morning pre-kindergarten is canceled, as is the morning extended school day program

Little Tigers Learning Center – CLOSED

Morgan Mill ISD – OPENING AT 10:00 AM

North Central Texas Academy – OPENING AT 10:30 AM

Tarleton State University – OPENING AT 12:00 PM


Time to Hygge!

Forget Hammertime, this could be the exact opposite! (Although it was fun to see MC again in the Super Bowl commercials!)

Hygge time is upon us, in North Texas…we don’t have too many opportunities to really embrace this experience with Scandinavian roots…

Hygge is usually translated as “cosiness”.

Think warm blankets, hot chocolate, your favorite comfort snacks like soup, or carrot cake…curled up in front of a fireplace with candles lit…creating the atmosphere to relax and be kind to yourself while cold, bleak, wintry weather wages outside.

Get ready to focus in, and not overwhelm your brain…and embrace some real downtime…I’d love to see your Hygge pics! Tag me on the gram @LisaTaylorOnAir or Twitter @WolfLisaTaylor

For all you need to create your Hygge, click here.

My most recent Hygge-

Above: Swedish dill eggs, Swedish braided cardamom bread (nothing creates a Hygge fragrance that ANY kind of bread baking in the oven!) Gravlax (cured 36 hours-sushi grade with dill and salt) Swedish rice pudding and of course, Swedish meatballs. All set up in front of our fireplace…dogs banished from room, as the table was nose-height! Our coziest throws ready to curl up with in our 2-person chair after nibbles in front of the fire!

Happy Hygge to you in this winter weather watch!

~Lisa Taylor

resident Swede

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Wanna get out of those tickets, Fort Worth???

Who wouldn’t? Thank you Fort Worth Police Department for bringing back…

“Warrant Forgiveness Month” in February!

Got a speeding ticket? Barking Dog? Miscellaneous OTHER Class C violations? the Fort Worth Municipal Court system is willing to negotiate! Throughout February, you have a chance to resolve your case without fear of being arrested…now you might end up picking up some trash…or helping out in a shelter for the afternoon, but THAT’S a fair trade, right??

Click here for all the details on Warrant Forgiveness Month 2020.

~Lisa Taylor

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Money (2)

How to live on $1K a month???

When we brought back the Thousand Dollar Workday Payday, I knew it would DEF help out with paying off those January bills from Christmas…but I LOVE bargains, I LOVE VALUE for MY money…so I wondered…just what you could get for $1000 in 2020…

I was REALLY surprised when I found out…with a little discipline, you could actually LIVE on $1000 a month…

To see how they break that down, click here.

To win your share of the Thousand Dollar Workday Payday, Wake Up With the Wolf every weekday and listen at 8:17 for the word I’ll tell you to text to 95819, and that’s it!  That’s all you have to do for your chance to win it.

~Lisa Taylor

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For when your non-Texas friends ask….

Just a refresher…no pun intended…as I sit here nursing 3 weeks of allergies while doing the show, with my decaf green tea and DIET Dr. PEPPER…
I’m reminded about the numbers you might remember seeing on the glass bottles of Dr. Pepper when you were a kid… 10, 2 and 4. As a Texas, just like Dr. Pepper, I’m sure it was instilled what those numbers were for, even if you came along after they stopped appearing in advertising…but it’s a Texas FUN FACT I just love,

so I’ll share it again, straight from the horse’s mouth…

In the meantime, it’s “TIME” for another sip…
Click for what the “10” “2” and “4” stood for here.

~Lisa Taylor
The Wake Up With the Wolf Show


Please, PLEASE rain!

It COULD be because I feel like my sinuses are full of concrete right now…but any Texan who sees the video of the pollen cloud from mountain cedar in the video here,

knows somehow, even though this was taken in Austin, that crap is gonna find it’s way to our North Texas noses!

Grab the tissues and hunker down…and hope the rain predicted for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, doesn’t decide to skirt us! (It’s supposed to help clear out the pollen.)

You’ll find some tips to help you deal in the above link too, like staying indoors if possible..and giving your pets a bath! OOOH! Katya and Kaiser are gonna love THIS!

~Lisa Taylor

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I’da brought some Shiner!

Looks like Beyonce and Jay-Z are Celebrity Royalty enough to be able to brig their own liquor inside the Beverly Hills Hilton…specifically, the Golden Globe Awards Dinner and Ceremony.

Moet Chandon was back this year as the “official” Champagne of the Golden Globes, they made a pretty big deal about it with a designer as all…

Golden Globes by the Numbers: 125 Cases of Champagne, More

But that’s not how Beyonce and Jay-Z roll, they brought their OWN Champagne to the Golden Globes.  Specifically Jay-Z’s OWN brand of champagne, Ace of Spades…click here to read more about that…

At about $300 per bottle of the brand Jay-Z invested in back in 2014, nice to know at least those grape are FROM the Champagne region of France, and….they were hand-picked…

I hand-pick my 6 packs of Shiner at Kroger, too…for a lot less…and I would have at least TRIED to bring a cold longneck into the Bev Hilton…

~Lisa Taylor

The Wake Up With the Wolf Show



Package Delivery 2 (1)

Shipping dates for arrival by Christmas!

Who wants to pay more for shipping than they have to…we’ve all already missed the cheapest UPS shipping by ground, that deadline has come and gone, here are some shipping dates for UPS. FedEx, and the good old US Postal Service that will get your packages there by Christmas, but for more $$!

UPS FedEx and USPS Holiday Shipping Rates and Dates


~Lisa Taylor

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Huge loss for Mansfield

Huge loss for Mansfield

Two years ago this month, loyal, generous, and loving Wolf listeners purchased specially-made T-shirts to benefit the family and expenses of Coach Maberry, Mansfield High School’s football coach for 2 decades, as he battled cancer. This morning, we mourn the loss of this coach, father, husband and leader, as Coach Maberry lost his battle with…

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