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Plan on Looking for Dory this weekend?

You’re not the only one.  The latest movie from Disney/Pixar has already been smashing box office records this weekend.  Check out some behind the scenes footage from Finding Dory:  

A Birthday Party for Blake?

Is Gwen Stefani throwing a big, birthday celebration for her man Blake Shelton this weekend?  It’s very possible because she was spotted last week at a novelty shop in Hollywood stocking up on lots of fun party supplies.  It’s been about three weeks since Blake helped Gwen’s oldest son celebrate his 10th birthday by letting him drive a…

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Sticky Situations: Home Alone

Sticky Situations: Home Alone

Jake is currently out of work and stay home all day while Bianca is at work. Their neighbor texted her and asked if they got a new vehicle because there’s a strange car parked out front several days a week. She asked him if anyone has been coming over during the day, but he played dumb. Now she’s wondering what’s really going on…

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