This Week’s Wednesday Night “Checkin’ In” Facebook Live Session…

I look a little extra forward for Wednesday nights.   Had another FUN time hanging out with you tonight!  If you missed it, we talked about “Laurel or Yannie”, the Workday Payday giveaway (STILL getting you in to win a $1,000! Just in time for Memorial Day/Summer!), all the other ways to win at (including Billy Bob’s Texas tickets) and MORE!   I LOVE the live interaction we get to have during these sessions. Tell some friends and join us every Wednesday night. We usually get started around 11. Come hang out, get a shout out, ask questions, it’s all about having some fun with YOU! — Bill Bowen



Cops save the day looking for a lost cheetah? Yep!

Cops save the day looking for a lost cheetah? Yep!

When a young boy lost his stuffed cheetah while driving through Rhode Island with his family, he was crushed… So what do you do?  Ask the Rhode Island State Highway Patrol for help, of course. Click here for the full story.     Video of a baby hearing for the first time at a Fort…