Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Supplies 20 Local Animal Shelters During Bandwagon Tour

Miranda Lambert’s MuttNation Supplies 20 Local Animal Shelters During Bandwagon Tour

With eight rescue dogs of her own, it’s no secret Miranda Lambert has a soft spot in her heart for fury, four-legged friends.

That’s why in 2009, Miranda and her mom, Bev, started the MuttNation Foundation, an organization with the mission of ending animal suffering and homelessness on every front. The foundation has successfully raised millions of dollars to aid organizations, government institutions and entities that build animal shelters for better care and increased pet adoption.

In Pittsburgh, local shelter Animal Friends received more than 400 pounds of dog food and treats at Miranda’s Bandwagon Tour.

Miranda’s latest venture—Fill the Little Red Wagon—nurtured her love of music and mutts by collecting dog food, treats, supplies and cash at the entrance of each venue on her recent Bandwagon Tour with Little Big Town. The tour capped in Chicago over the weekend, but not before Miranda and her team collected thousands of pounds of dog food, treats and toys that were distributed to local shelters in each city of the tour.

“My fans always amaze me with their compassion and generosity,” says Miranda. “Knowing so many of us share this love for shelter pets adds another special connection between us and, when I get to hear some of the fans’ stories about their rescues, it always touches my heart.”

Take a look at the local shelters supported during Miranda’s Bandwagon Tour.

photo by Becky Fluke, courtesy of True Public Relations



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