This Week’s Wednesday Night “Checkin’ In” Facebook Live Session…

Welcome back!  Hope you had great holidays!!  Thanks for another FUN time hanging out with you tonight!  If you missed it, we talked about the COWBOYS PLAYOFF WIN!!!, my JIMMY BUFFETT ticket giveaway, welcomed some NEWBIES to the “WOLFPACK” and LOTS MORE! LOVE the interaction we get to have during these get togethers. Tell some friends and join us every Wednesday night. We usually get started around 11. Come hang out, get a shout out, ask questions, it’s all about having some fun with YOU! — Bill Bowen

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Sticky Situations: The BBQ-ser

Sticky Situations: The BBQ-ser

Connor claims he’s gone a lot because of work, but Tia says his paycheck doesn’t reflect all these hours he’s supposedly working. Plus, her step-sister says she saw him out one night with another woman at a BBQ place…when she tried to ask what he was doing that night, he got SUPER defensive. Is he going behind her back?

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