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The ONE time you REALLY don’t wanna have an airline lose your luggage!

I guess if an airline is GOING to lose your luggage, better on the way HOME from your vacation than on your way TO your vacation destination…unless you’ve tucked a particularly valuable item inside your bag that is life-changing…and that bad goes missing…

Exactly what happened to a couple from Frisco…thankfully, there’s a happy ending!

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Lyft expands program to bring free rides to cancer patients


Need your lawn mowed? This guy does it for free!

For the second year in a row, now!


Rodney made it to Dallas this week, follow him on Twitter @iamrodneysmith if you know someone who needs their lawn mowed or want to contribute to his expenses.



Facebook fundraiser gets more that $8 million in donations for immigrant families

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is putting his money where his mouth is by donating to an online campaign to help reunite families at the U.S-Mexico border.

The campaign, launched on Saturday by two former Facebook staffers, had a goal of raising $1,500 for the Texas-based Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. Their hopes where to have the funds to post bond for one parent to help them reunite with their children. In just a few days though, they were able to raise over $8 million and have set a new goal of $11 million.


Would YOU return $1,000,000.00?? THIS man did, without hesitation.

If you found a 20 dollar bill on the floor at work, would you keep it?  A man in Kansas who owns a convenience had the opportunity to keep $1 million dollars from a regular customer who had left a winning lottery ticket on his counter.  No one would EVER have known he kept it, but the owner did the right thing, without hesitation.




Missing 3-year-old girl found in Missouri cornfield with dog by her side

Cubs v Brewers, June 29, 2007

A military dad had a big surprise in store for his son’s birthday…

It was a pretty special day at a baseball game recently in Milwaukee…before the first pitch the ball club has this thing they do, they recognize someone from the military who has proudly served our country.

Wednesday, no different, the announcer called the name of Colonel Jay Morrison, whose wife and sons, Trey and Luke were asked to stand to be recognized…

Then? Surprise!

Click below for the full story and see the video as it happened.


Military dad surprises family at baseball game – just in time for son’s birthday




 Former Dallas Cowboy star donates service dog to local teen

The people of Arlington, Texas – including a former NFL star – rallied and came to the aid of a teenager with diabetes by hooking him up with a life-saving service dog.

Because Payton Stevens suffers from diabetes, his family had to set alarms throughout the entire night to wake him and check his blood sugar. This is serious business because if his blood sugar falls too low while he’s sleeping, he could slip into a coma.

But thanks to some generous donations from his community — including former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek — he now has a new service dog, Grace, who will watch over him and keep him safe.

Because training service dogs can be expensive, Payton’s classmates held a dance-a-thon to help raise more than $35,000 to help him get one. And everything came together when Jay Novacek heard about Payton and decided to donate one of the service dogs he breeds on his ranch.

Over the next year, Grace will be trained to smell if Payton’s blood sugar levels get too low. Even better, Grace will give Payton’s parents peace of mind when one day he goes off to college.



Cops save the day looking for a lost cheetah? Yep!

Cops save the day looking for a lost cheetah? Yep!

When a young boy lost his stuffed cheetah while driving through Rhode Island with his family, he was crushed… So what do you do?  Ask the Rhode Island State Highway Patrol for help, of course. Click here for the full story.     Video of a baby hearing for the first time at a Fort…