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Sturgill Simpson Announces New Album & Film, “Sound & Fury” [Watch Trailer]

Sturgill Simpson Announces New Album & Film, “Sound & Fury” [Watch Trailer]

Sturgill Simpson announced he will release his fourth studio album, Sound & Fury, this fall. The new album will be released in conjunction with an anime film of the same name that will be available via Netflix. Sturgill revealed the news at San Diego’s Comic-Con over the weekend.

The new Sturgill-produced album will be his first since the 2016 release of A Sailor’s Guide to Earth, which won a Grammy for Best Country Album.

“We went in without any preconceived notions and came out with a really sleazy, steamy rock ’n’ roll record,” says Sturgill. “It’s definitely my most psychedelic. And also my heaviest. I had this idea that it’d be really cool to animate some of these songs, and we ended up with a futuristic, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, samurai film.”

The upcoming film is set entirely to music from the full album, with a different anime segment for each individual song.

Watch the movie’s trailer below.

photo by Carissa Riccardi/Nash Country Daily




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