Kenny Chesney Fires Up Fan Base With New Song, “We Do” [Listen]

Kenny Chesney Fires Up Fan Base With New Song, “We Do” [Listen]

Kenny Chesney shared another new track, “We Do,” from his upcoming album, Here and Now, which drops on May 1.

Penned by Kenny, Craig Wiseman, Scooter Carusoe and David Garcia, “We Do” follows the release of the album’s “Knowing You,” “Guys Named Captain” and lead single “Here And Now.”

Kenny croons the “We Do” chorus directly at his passionate fan base, No Shoes Nation: “Yeah, we laugh and we love and we can’t get enough / As loud as we’re living, man, we still turn it up / We’re amplified, come alive, side by side / No matter where it goes you know we’re here for the ride.”

“This is a song that wouldn’t exist without all those people on my road family, the folks at all the stadiums nationwide, the radio people who start blasting our music when we’re coming to town,” Kenny says. “But even more importantly, without No Shoes Nation. So, when we were talking about the grat tracks, I knew two things: one, I wanted this song to be out right before the record, so the energy they give me is lifting all of us up, two, I wanted to find a way to let No Shoes Nation hear it first. Kind of like a note to your best friend about a big thing that happened—only in this case, the big thing is them!”

Listen to “We Do” below.

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