Eric Church Says Thanks With New Song, “Doing Life With Me” [Listen]

Eric Church Says Thanks With New Song, “Doing Life With Me” [Listen]

Eric Church shared a new song, “Doing Life With Me.”

Penned by Eric, Casey Beathard and Jeffrey Steele, “Doing Life With Me” finds Eric tipping his hat in thanks to those who have helped him along his musical journey. Eric expresses gratitude to his family, band and road crew by crooning the chorus: “I don’t pray much anymore / For this old troubadour’s / Happiness, wishes, wants and needs / End of my ropes, hopes and dreams / Spend my livin’ giving thanks / For the ships I never sank / Every big, every little in the everyday things / The notes and the words and the songs I sing / To the ones doing life with me.”

Like many of Eric’s tunes, “Doing Life With Me” features superb backup vocals from longtime collaborator Joanna Cotten.

“Doing Life With Me” follows the recent release of “Through My Ray-Bans,” “Crazyland,” “Bad Mother Trucker,” “Stick That in Your Country Song,” and his current single, “Hell of a View.”

Listen to “Doing Life With Me” below.

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Bring on The Boom

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